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Everything About Growth And Productivity

You know your business. But what about GROWTH?

1. Achieve industry leading productivity for a scalable business.

2. Learn and apply the six master growth strategies.

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The Way To Grow

This excerpt from “Discover Your Core, Then Go For More” establishes the best way to grow AND increase the rate of profit dramatically. Start with sharpening up your core business and productivity, then reach out to successively more advanced ways to grow.


The Profit Triad

The ultimate triune secret to ultimate wholesaler profitability: Density of market share in a territory, Leadership productivity among competitors, and high gross profit per order driven by outstanding product and service mix on each order and at each customer.


Make Like a Tree.

80% of tree growth happens on the outer edges of a tree. The other 20% is in the core of the tree that delivers nourishment to these outer clusters. The same thing is true of your business. You need to continue to push outward, while improving the “core” business to deliver maximum profitability in order to fund growth.


How To Get Sustained Profitable Growth

There’s six master strategies to grow your business.  They should also be implemented in a prescribed sequence, just like putting up a house foundation, then the framing and so on. Click the pic for the video.

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Productivity Playbook

A football team can’t function well without a playbook. Got one? Plus, the coaches should know the plays better than anyone.  Do you? And…. Each step in a process should create the precise outcome needed by the next performer in the process for ultimate productivity. Does your team work this way?


What’s Your Productivity Score?

The best way to get your team to take action is to get them to agree on actions needed! Use this tool to score your performance in these critical back room productivity functions! You’ll all see what you need to do. Right click the image to download the checklist.

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Growth Instructions for Wholesalers

You might know the game of wholesaling. But do you know the game of growth? Neil Gillespie wrote this book expressly for independently owned wholesale distributors.

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Get the Mindset

The Growth Wizards Mindset: first admitting that you’re only aware of a very limited set of growth options. Then learning the six basic ways to grow and the additional options in business “adjacencies”. If you keep doing only what you are doing today, you are destined for very slow growth, shrinkage and extinction.


    Listen to your IT personnel!

    by Allen Ray

    Feel Like A Turtle Sometimes you may feel like you are running as fast as a turtle. Mentally you want to grow your business, but processes seem to slow you down and you keep thinking the problem is all in the IT Department. You wonder why every order has to be checked for the proper […]

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    As your ERP ages?????.

    by Allen Ray

    As you look at your ERP system or systems, you may wonder what is next and why upgrades have stopped.  But there are other companies and technologies that might dramatically change the way you operate your business. These changes in technology are being developed by companies that have huge R&D budgets such a Google, Oracle […]

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    Afraid of Social Media?

    by Allen Ray

    Roughly half the distributors I talk with on a regular basis express some degree of hesitancy about using Social Media to build their business brand. I will admit I was one of those that had seen my share of horror stories on the evening news. But the more I thought about it, then more convinced […]

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    The Demand Creation Struggle

    by Allen Ray

    For business people who are in the distribution business, it is a struggle as to where to turn your attention when it comes to demand. Focus too much on demand fulfillment and you get pulled into a situation where your customers profess loyalty until the next job comes around. The problem is how do you […]

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    Demand Creator or Demand Fulfiller?

    by Allen Ray

    Virtually all want to grow their company’s profitability. Whether it is a manufacturer, manufactures rep or distributor or the  distributor’s customer. In fact I haven’t found anyone that wants the status quot. But in today’s market there are two different worlds for all parties named above: Those that are in the demand creation business and […]

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    Want Better Branches? Define What You Want!

    by Neil Gillespie

    Take The Better Branches Survey! Password: feedthebranches If you do the math on the number of branches controlled by the The Electrical Wholesaling Top 200, you discover that the top 10 companies control a third and the top 25 companies control about half the industry locations. Most of these have regional organizations, which […]

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    ERP Evaluations; Not Just A Beauty Contest

    by Neil Gillespie

    – Neil Gillespie and Allen Ray. It finally hits you. You can’t go forward any more with your old ERP system. It either doesn’t do the job on it’s own, or you’ve got so many bolt on programs or modifications that it has become unmanageable. Or, the genius that runs your homegrown system is getting […]

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    How to Keep From Growing

    by Neil Gillespie

    1. Only do what others have done before you… tried and true. Never try to be original. Too much risk. 2. Know that you can’t be original anyway. There is nothing more to learn. It’s all been done before. An associate once told me that everything that looks new is just a reorganization of experience. […]

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    Get Serious About Growth!

    by Neil Gillespie

    We’ve studied what the fastest growing independent wholesale distributors do to grow, and distilled their practices into a set of questions you and your management team can ask yourselves. Then see how others answered the questions. Then prep[are to do what you need to do to grow. Only if you’re serious, that is.

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    How Getting The Lowest Cost Can Ruin Profits

    by Neil Gillespie

    Check out this article on Electrical Wholesaling’s website by Allen and Neil. EW Article The right approach to pricing is a combination of getting the lowest cost, pricing with profit in mind so you don’t give it away, using all the capabilities of your system to manage this, and educating everyone involved with pricing on […]

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